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Tours for disabled travelers

Location proposal – on request

In the last years Egypt is keener on trying to give accessibility to the archeological sites to disable travelers: yet it’s not an easy task, mainly due the structure of ancient temples and geographical landscapes of the country itself.… Read more

Incentive & special events

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Egypt, the leading country of hospitality with its unique historical background, is ready to move forward to become an incentive destination with a powerful difference :
great culture, pleasant climate all year round, fantastic sea, unexplored deserts, excellent tourism infrastructures and up-to-date technologies…
…all in one!

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Egypt, home to Isis, the Goddess of Love: what best destination for your Honeymoon?

Tradiția este că toate cuplurile care își planifică viitoarea viață împreună petrec luni pregătindu-le,,en,nuntă,,en,si al lor,,en,lună de miere,,en,care este considerată o investiție într-o viață de amintiri.,,en,au fost special create pentru a oferi ocazia de a explora frumusețea Egiptului dintr-o privire pentru pasagerii navelor de croazieră care sosesc la orice port egiptean pentru o zi sau mai mult.,,en,Golf în Egipt,,en,Deși încă sunt tineri la standarde globale,,en,are istoria sa și cu siguranță un viitor luminos.,,en wedding and their honeymoon, which is considered to be an investment in a lifetime of memories.… Read more

Quick Trips

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Quick trips have been specially created to offer the opportunity to explore the beauty of Egypt in a glance for the cruise ships passengers calling at any Egyptian port for a day or longer.… Read more


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Golf in Egypt

Although still young by global standards, does have its history and certainly a bright future.… Read more