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Egypt, hjem til Isis,,en,Kjærlighetens gudinne,,en,Hvilken beste destinasjon for din bryllupsreise,,en,Det er tradisjonen at alle par som planlegger sitt fremtidige liv sammen, bruker måneder til å forberede seg,,en,bryllup,,en,og deres,,en,bryllupsreise,,en,som anses å være en investering i en levetid av minner,,en,EN,,en,perfekt par,,en,fortjener,,en,perfekt ferie,,en,å feire disse første øyeblikkene alene sammen i en minneverdig og romantisk atmosfære,,en,å bygge opp røttene til de gylne dagene av deres fremtidige liv,,en,Det er den sanne ånden i en bryllupsreise,,en,Egypt bryllupsreise er en tidløs klassiker og tusenvis av nygifte leder til dette mystiske og magiske landet,,en,å feire sine bryllupsdager,,en,Enten du leter etter,,en,klassisk,,en,romantisk,,en, the Goddess of Love: what best destination for your Honeymoon?

It’s the tradition that all couples who are planning their future life together spend months preparing their wedding and their honeymoon, which is considered to be an investment in a lifetime of memories.

A perfect couple deserves the perfect holiday to celebrate these first moments alone together in a memorable and romantic atmosphere, to build up the roots of the golden days of their future life.

That is the true spirit of a Honeymoon.

Egypt honeymoon tours are a timeless classic and thousands of newlyweds head to this mysterious and magical land
to celebrate their nuptials.
Whether you’re looking for classical, romantic or adventure tour in Egypt,
MGK will bring to you great honeymoon’s ideas with convenient travel packages that offer you a wide choice for touring Egypt in style discovering the ancient and modern tourist attractions in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria;
or sailing the Nile on a romantic cruise experience;
or even enjoy a relaxing fantastic beach holiday on the Red Sea Riviera.

A honeymoon in Egypt has so much to offer:
what could be more romantic than exploring this magic land as you begin your married life together?

Take an unforgettable cruise down the Nile and see the sprawling deserts, temples and tombs that are located along this stretch of beautiful water. For the more adventurous couple, a camel ride through the desert offers the memory of a lifetime that you both will be talking about for years to come. Or experience some traditional Egyptian culture and take a trip through the bustling cities with bazaars selling antiques and old ancient artifacts.

Our professional travel planners are ready to assist you to fulfill the honeymoon of your dreams!

Your perfect honeymoon starts here..the tour ends but impressions will remain forever!