Tours for disabled travelers

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In the last years Egypt is keener on trying to give accessibility to the archeological sites to disable travelers: yet it’s not an easy task, mainly due the structure of ancient temples and geographical landscapes of the country itself.

MGK arranges private tour programs particularly studied for people with disabilities, accompanied by dedicated tour guides and specialized supporting staff, to make you discover and visit the wonders of the Pharaohs with all the safeness you deserve.
Regardless of your disability, you are not different and you will be able to reach temples as well as desert oasis, even if we should duly inform you that some sites may have a limited access due to their architecture, such as inside the Pyramids or the tombs of the Kings’ Valley for instance.
We are aware that the field is still in its infancy and that the main problem to face in Egypt is that wherever we move, there is always the possibility of finding a patch of stairs or sand that may be difficult to negotiate by disables:
but we are ready to take the challenge …. intimidating but not impossible!

We are determined to make it possible for everyone to enjoy Egypt wonders, knowing that each individual is different and no matters what arrangements we have made, we should be able to improvise on the spot.
With a lot of planning, patience and strong sense of adventure, we are ready to support the disable traveler along his journey into this fascinating and emotional country, offering comfort and precision.

Hereafter we give you a glace of how it works on practical matters.

Egyptian law stipulates that 5% of the rooms in all hotels should be handicapped accessible, many of the hotels have elevators and rooms spacious enough to accommodate wheel chaired guest for example and a number of Cairo hotels are listed as having disable facilities available.

Concerning airport arrival and departure, it’s possible to provide special assistance accordingly to your needs, with a separate counter for elderly and disabled at Passport Control in Cairo airports arrival halls.

Coaches are generally modified by removing seats, attaching clamps for securing wheelchairs, and adding portable ramps for getting in and out of the vehicle.

Some of the tour guides are prepared to provide visits and excursions for blind as well as deaf clients.
There are for sure certainly physical challenges to touring Egypt as disable traveler, but in the end we assure you that the combination of Egyptian hospitality and helpful kindness makes this beautiful country extremely accessible. 
Waiting for you !