About Egypt

Egipt, no words can describe this very special country, its long history, its fascinating nature and the unforgettable memories if you had the chance to visit its land.
Kemet o “the Black Land” as named by the first inhabitant due to its fertile land, or “Het Ka Ptah” – Home of god Ptah’s soul – this name given by ancient Egyptians changed till it became EGYPT.
The Arab Republic of Egypt is the official name given to the Land of Pharaohs since 1952.

Geography: Egypt is located in the heart of the World, in the Eastern North corner of African Continent, while its Eastern part is located in the Southwest of Asia: The Peninsula of Sinai.
It’s boarded by Mediterranean Sea from North and Red Sea from East.
Neighbor countries are: Israel from East, Libya to the West and Sudan in the South.

Capital: Cairo or EL “Qahira” which means the Conqueror.

Area: 1000,000 Km² (one million)

Population: O 89 million people living only on 5% of the whole surface, Egypt is one of the most populated countries.

Language: Arabic.


Religion: Islam is the State religion and the majority of the population is Muslim, while about 15% of this population is Christian.

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)

Climate: During the whole year, Egypt enjoy a mild weather.

Time Zone: Egypt timing is +2 Greenwich mean timing.

Electric Current: 220 Volts AC

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