Pilgramages & religious

Copto – 8 days / 7 nights

Holy Egypt – 7 days / 6 nights

Taba – 4 days / 3 nights

The oldest religious system based society : Pharaonic.
Three main religions : Jewish , Coptic , Islamic.
One country : Egipt.

The meaning of religious tourism lies in reverence for the past that is tangible here in the present.
For over three millennia the civilization of pharaonic Egypt centered on the cultural concept called religion, even though the ancient Egyptian language has no such a word.
Thus the spiritual soil of Egypt was ready for the rise of Christianity with the venerable Coptic Church that embraced the teachings of Jesus when they were new, invented monasticism, gave saints and scholars to the world and gifted us with their rich colored textiles and figurative paintings.
The name Copt derives from Arabic Qibt, an abbreviation of the Greek name Aigyptios (Egyptian); this in turn is a derivation of Hikuptah, House of Energy of Ptah, the religious name for Memphis, the capital city of the ancient Egypt.
But Egypt is also the place where one of the most ancient established Jews societies in the world found home, dating back to 1700 PIREUS. : their synagogues are still part of the national richness.
Amongst the glory of the pharaohs, the heritage of the Jews and the grandeur of Christianity come another Egypt: that of Islam. In 641 Muslim conquered Egypt and the first mosque, dedicated to Amr Ibn El-As, was built in 710, introducing new religious concepts and fine example of Mamluk and Ottoman art visible till nowadays.
Religious tourism is promoted by MGK with a distinct emphasis on the historic, artistic and architectural aspects of traditional sites in order to raise the meaning of religious tours to hold a true significance, possible only when believers participate with an intensity of conviction that can be experience and shared, when the aim of the trip is not merely touristic interest but also a mission of faith.