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Egypt is the most extraordinary of all the countries…

It was the Greek historian Herodotus who stated it in the 5th century BC, telling that nowhere else there are so many wonders and so huge expressions of arts that make you forget all the rest. Visit Egypt for the first time is just an introduction to its thousand aspects, leaving the traveler curious to know more about this charming country, willing to be back again to discover one by one all its amazing features.”

Traveling in Egypt is a never ending journey … there is always something left behind that awaits you to come back … it’s the so called Egyptian nostalgia!”

Consider all this, MGK Tours proposes several types of programs in order to meet all the demands and expectations of the tourist who turns to Egypt for a warm holiday destination, the student who likes to enrich his cultural preparation being on the ground, the pilgrim with his faith that leads him to retrace the holy heritage and even the traveler who wants to face the realities of the country to go deep in its true life.”

Hereafter you may find a selection of our programs, so you may pamper yourself in the idea of a magic journey,”

not forgetting for sure our tailor made tours on request.… start dreaming !

Program highlights

Pilgramages & wycieczki religijne

Copto – 8 days / 7 nights
Holy Egypt – 7 days / 6 nights
Taba – 4 days / 3 nights

Rejsy & dahabyya

Dahabyya Dream – 8 days / 7 nights
Nasser – 10 days / 9 nights
Nubia – 11 days / 10 nights
Alexander The Great – 10 days / 9 nights
Amen’ra – 11 days / 10 nights
Chepren – 9 days / 8 nights
Nefertari – 9 days / 8 nights

Tours dla niepełnosprawnych biegacze

Location proposal – on request

Zachęty & specjalne wydarzenia

Location proposal – on request

Pustynia safari

Camels – 8 days / 7 nights
Great Desert – 11 days / 10 nights
The Splendor of Egypt – 7 days / 6 nights

Morza & Plaża

Red Sea & Diving

Miesiąc miodowy

Location proposal – on request

Szybkie Trips

Location proposal – on request


Location proposal – on request

Scalonej Tours

Location proposal – on request

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